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Plastic parts as bobbin, bazzel, socket, battery container, other packaging items

From the Desk of Founder and Director

Dr.M.K.Thakur (CMD) Sai Engineering Group of companies

Dr.M.K.Thakur (CMD) Sai Engineering Group of companies

It was in the year 2007 , when a MBBS Doctor thought that if we produce industrial products with same precision with which a doctor operate a patient then the chances are there to explore the Indian made industrial products and minimizing the imports from China . Very less people knows that in medical services many advance statistical tools are used in order to maintain ppm targets.
With quality being the main motto, a doctor with broader vision for the country step into Electrical and Electronics industry the country . In order to support his vision, his wife also stepped in and had assured that vision of the company should get fulfilled. …To Be Continue

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