Dr.M.K.Thakur (CMD) Sai Engineering Group of companies
Dr.M.K.Thakur (CMD) Sai Engineering Group of companies

From the Desk of Founder and Director

It was in the year 2007 , when a MBBS Doctor thought that if we produce industrial products with same precision with which a doctor operate a patient then the chances are there to explore the Indian made industrial products and minimizing the imports from China . Very less people knows that in medical services many advance statistical tools are used in order to maintain ppm targets.

With quality being the main motto, a doctor with broader vision for the country step into Electrical and Electronics industry the country . In order to support his vision, his wife also stepped in and had assured that vision of the company should get fulfilled.

Based on the thought, an industry named

M/S SAI ENGINEERING GROUP OF COMPANIES “ came to existence in year 2007. A true believer in God -Sai, the first product launched was Steel Inverter Cabinet . From the grace of Baba , he never had looked back though Now exploring his empire he put a step in aluminium in 2010 ,aluminium first product launched was heat sink. Again exploring their empire .He took a decision and put a next step in plastic injection moulding in 2018,Plastic parts as bobbin, bazzel, socket, battery container, other packaging items . From the grace of Baba , he had never looked back though many hurdles came in but each time the hurdles made him strong and committed .

Soon the industry starts recognizing him for the ethics, quality and commitment .People had shown their willingness to get associated with M/S Sai Engineering group of companies in order to have business in new and unique way. His wife, who always stand by his side to ensure that vision should take shape as early as possible.

Our Corporate Office
Our Corporate Office
Raman Thakur (CEO) Sai Engineering Group of companies
Raman Thakur (CEO) Sai Engineering Group of companies

An Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Punjab University by profession, she never had compromised on the quality level of the product produced. The effort of both put together are being recognized in the industry. She is ceo of our group. Operational excellence remains key We need to reliable and safe for our customers and efficient in order to be cost competitive we will once again this year spend a lot of time and resources are educating corrective and verifying to develop this part for our business.

Slowly but firmly , heavy machines started to get installed and commissioned in order to meet his commitment in the area of steel made products in Power and Telecom industries. Material handling was an obstruction in order to get Powder Coated Painting hence    Dr. Mani had decided to have his own arrangement of Powder Coating  With Seven tank process fully operational Powder Coating Painting facility had started in year 2009 . This had given a boost to produce quality products made under the banner of M/S Sai Engineering Group. As the time passes he wants of explore their business .he put a step in aluminium in 2010,and first product of aluminium was heat sink has been launched.And after it he think that there was a need to have his own tool room , which was set up in year 2012 . The experience of his wife was extensively used to train new man power and maintain high quality standards with low retention of man power, which is the key in getting success .

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